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Sawako Starry Navy glitter bike helmet 2
Sawako Starry Navy glitter bike helmet 3
Suwako Starry Navy glitter bike helmet
Sawako Starry Navy glitter bike helmet 4
Sawako Starry Navy blue glitter bike helmet 5

Starry Navy Glitter Helmet (NEW!)

Starry Navy Glitter helmet is an exciting addition to the Sawako collection! Available in July 2017.

A sophisticated sister product to our ever-popular Sparkle Glitter helmet. 

We worked with a fashion stylist to pick this special fabric.  The helmet is high-end, elegant and fashion forward. The helmet’s base color is a deep blue, almost black.  It looks a bit like denim from a far, but when it catches the light, it shimmers and twinkles like a starry night!  

 If you are a stylish cycler who wants to make an impression, this versatile helmet is definitely for you. Hand-stitched and hand-finished, you will enjoy this fashionable bike helmet like a beautiful garment

See how it shines!

• One size female M (typically 52~58cm) with dial-to-fit size adjuster
• Complies with European standard CE EN1078, and American CPSC
• Covered with sparkly navy hand applied fabric
• 11 air vents to keep your head cool