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The founder, Sawako Furuno is an entrepreneur and designer. She is also proud to be a mother, a wife and a loyal friend.

Sawako was born in Kanagawa, near Tokyo, Japan. As a child she loved cycling around town and climbing trees.

Growing up in Tokyo, she discovered fashion, style and architecture. The architectural education gave her a great insight to material, color, form and texture. Whilst she was in Oxford studying a Masters degree in Architecture, she enjoyed cycling around the beautiful university town on an elegant vintage upright bicycle borrowed from her 84-year old landlady.

When she moved to London to work as an architect, cycling became her favourite mode of transport. It was reliable, ecological and economical.  Having struggled to find a beautiful helmet to keep her safe on her daily commute and weekend adventures, Sawako started to make prototypes of her own designs in her backgarden.  

In 2006, she launched her website to advertise her first stock.  Overwhelmed by the positive feedback for her products, she took the plunge into the world of entrepreneurship and cycling fashion. 

Sawako moved to NYC in 2013 for a new challenge in another inspiring city.  She lives with her husband and two little girls, Koko (7 years) & Connie (4 years) in Greenwich Village, Manhattan. 

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