Hello! I am really excited to connect with you even virtually...we are all missing human connections, aren't we? During this challenging time, we are pleased that we are still shipping internationally and our products are helping people cycling safe and in style, which is contributing to their healthy and wellness. 

Our main fulfillment center is in England.  Some items will come from our USA location.  Everyone is working really hard to send out as many parcels are they can.  Currently cycling has become even more popular than usual during this quarantine and we are busier than Christmas right now! Thank you for your support, which is critical to survival of independent brands like mine. 

Usually we ship your orders within 1-2 working days and then it takes;

  • 1-2 working days to UK
  • 3-5 working days to Europe
  • 4-6 working days to the rest of the world.

Having said that, at the moment it is hard to guarantee arrival date or time as there may be delays caused by unexpected Coronavirus related restrictions etc. 

Royal Mail delivery person Hero during coronavirus crisis

I want to share with you a letter from our fulfillment team so you have a better understanding of the situation.  They are my heroes right now.   

We appreciate your understanding and patience in advance!


I am sure that it will come as no surprise to many of you that the Coronavirus is having a rapidly increasing, negative impact on shipping services globally.

Whilst we will still endeavor to send your shipments best that we are able, we must stress the need for patience and understanding with regard to deliveries, especially those going internationally, which depending on the destination may well be subject to considerable delays, as certain countries and territories become harder to reach, or are experiencing down-turns in staffing levels.

We know of course that many airlines are currently aborting flights to certain countries.
Those that are still doing so are doing so at significantly increased rates, and the lead times for delivery are naturally rather unknown, but we should all expect them to be significantly longer than we are used to.

Within the UK, the postal and courier services are still very much ‘business-as-usual’.

However this may well change the more if the virus takes hold of the country.
We have heard for example of an entire Royal Mail depot in Manchester that was temporarily shut down last week after a postal worker tested positive for the virus.
Naturally situations like this are likely to become more commonplace and frequent over the coming weeks, and therefore some disruption to postal services should be anticipated.

We know that given the current pandemic our customers will of course be understanding, but nevertheless we would like to remind everyone that whilst we will do everything we can to ensure the continued operation of our services, we are of course not responsible for the delivery itself, and should we experience any difficulties that are out of our control, we will take all the actions available to us to assist in resolving them.
I would like to thank you in advance for your patience, and your understanding during this trying time.

This is unprecedented, and is a result of online sales volumes being officially greater than Black Friday/Cyber Monday and Pre-Christmas.
This will of course come as no surprise to many of you who have equally seen a sudden increase in sales.

Royal Mail staff themselves have been telling us this week that due to heavy staff losses, and the dramatic increase in parcel shipments, their depots are drowning and the backlog is continually growing.

We have been asked to ensure that all of our customers are managing their own customers’ delivery expectations.

International shipments are perhaps impacted on an even greater level, as they are taking longer and longer to get onto the necessary planes, and of course many countries have stopped accepting imported mail. The countries which are on import suspension can be seen on Royal Mail’s site here