We are excited to announce that Sawako Helmet is THE Chic helmet according to POPSUGAR. 

Popsugar black crocodile


It was written by a stylish New York writer Claire Stern, who happened to live in one of my favorite neighborhoods on earth.  She is a proud owner of a Black Crocodile Helmet and posing here handsomely! 

Claire Stern Popsugar posing with a black crocodile helmet and her bike in New York

The best part of her article to me is this sentence;

In my humble opinion, it's so cool-looking that it'll persuade the most vocal helmet naysayer.

My mission has been to remove the stigma around wearing an unattractive helmets, which often deter people from cycling.  So you can imagine how this article made my day, if not my year!! 

She also kindly mentions our brand new designs Stardust Gold & Stardust Silver, which are coming in stock very soon. 

Please read on!