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Believe it or not, Sawako didn’t always wear a helmet when she cycled. She gets it: helmet hair is not a workplace look. However, having experienced the disempowering effect of accidents first-hand, Sawako encourages your choice to cycle, to be active, and to arrive with confidence.


This is our stance because we don’t agree with forcing people to wear a helmet—we agree with the data. Helmet laws have been shown to deter people from cycling, which actually increases the number of accidents on the road. While each state will have different helmet regulations and we respect that, our mission is to give you a few more options.


With our range of helmets—from hand-finished to under $100—we remove the obstacles so you can make the bike lane your runway. Don’t feel obligated. Feel like royalty. Cycling is a lifestyle that we choose—happily.


A Sawako helmet says so.