Growing up in Tokyo, Sawako was a tomboy, actively cycling around her city. Motivated by the desire to improve her community’s everyday experiences, she chose to work in architecture. It was while working as an architect in London that Sawako found her calling. 

sawako with family in japan

 <Sawako with her mother and brother>

“Architects care about the environment and affordable living,” Sawako says, so cycling naturally became her favorite mode of daily transportation. But Sawako experienced the disempowering effects of collisions and near-misses. “When that happens, you lose confidence,” Sawako says, “you lose your sense of ownership of the road.” 

sawako story

To help herself and others take the road with confidence, Sawako began making prototypes of helmet designs in her backyard. And after satisfying all of the relevant safety standards, Sawako launched her website to advertise her first stock of helmets. Overwhelmed by the positive response, she confidently stepped into the world of cycling fashion.

sawako fashion

Sawako is also a mother, a wife and a loyal friend, living and cycling in Greenwich Village with her husband and two daughters.