4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Cycling Helmet

If you ride a bike of any kind, you need to be wearing a helmet. Although it is not a legal requirement to wear a helmet when you are riding a bike, it is advisable by the Highway Code.

Helmets can in most cases be lifesaving, especially if you ride on the road or ride on rocky terrain. Depending on what activity you intend to use your bike for will determine the type of helmet you need. Regardless of what type of activity you are practising, we always advise that you wear a helmet, especially for myounger riders.

Here’s what you need to consider when choosing a helmet!

The Type of Activity

The type of activity you are doing will be the ultimate driver for what type of helmet you need. We aren’t referring to whether or not you will be riding up mountains, just whether you will be cycling on the road, along the pavement, or on an intended bike trail. For example, if you are riding on the road, you are going to need more protection, not just because the ground will likely be harder, but because of the traffic surrounding you.


It is hard to choose an exactly right size as people’s heads are all different. However, our helmet comes with a clever size adjuster which allows you to adjust your helmet exactly the way you want it!  We are also happy to send you a free extra padding if you want further adjustment.  Email us on order@sawako.com

Visor or No Visor?

All helmets will come with some sort of visor, but for some helmets, it's just for display. This means it ends up being so small it doesn’t offer any benefit. Visors are particularly important if you plan on riding during the rain to keep your eyes sheltered. Visors are also handing if you are riding during sunny weather to shade your eyes from the sun.


Last but not least, design. If you are going to be wearing something, you might as well like the way it looks. Just because you want a good quality helmet doesn’t mean you have to settle for boring designs. Whether you want something with a bit of glitter or something with a bit of leopard print, your helmer, your choice.

Sawako Helmets

Sawako helmets are designed to offer safety and style. We remove the obstacles so you can make the bike lane your runway. All of our helmets are hand-finished to create a unique design for every single helmet.

Sawako encourages your choice to cycle, to be active, and to arrive with confidence.

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