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The season is changing and it’s about that time again. Spring cycling time is almost here! Biking your way to a sunshine-lit picnic is one of the best things about spring and summer!

UK beautiful spring nature


But there are a few tips to keep in mind when planning your cycling picnic. You want to plan ahead so you don’t end up packing something too heavy to carry. So let’s get started with a few ideas to help you have an ideal spring cycling picnic this season!


Bring a Blanket

Remember, in spring the ground could be wet. This can happen in the summer as well if it’s rained recently, so it’s best to bring a blanket that can prevent the wetness from seeping through to where you are going to be sitting and keeping your food. Sitting on a wet blanket certainly won’t make your picnic the most ideal.

We like this stylish & functional waterproof blanket.

picnic blanket waterproof from amazon uk

Also, there are a lot of fun designs like this available at etsy.

waterproof picnic blanket from etsy UK perfect for bike picnic with sawako helmet


What Kind of Food to Pack?

Try to pack small foods so that you can easily bike with them packed away in your bag. Try to stay away from large dishes or heavy jars. Instead, bring smaller portions, small containers of things like jam and honey, and snacks like bread, crackers, cheese, etc. You can easily fit a great assortment of foods into your backpack, just be sure to not overdo it. You don’t want to feel weighed down by everything you’re lugging around.

These collapsible food containers are smart and environmentally friendly.

collapsible food container


You’re Going to Need Plates and Utensils

You’ll want to pack a few plates, knives, forks, and whatever other utensils you may need. Small cutting boards are also great options to bring along as they can help you serve dishes and cut bread and sandwiches. However, don’t pack your regular kitchen cutting board. Find something smaller and lightweight that won’t weigh you down. Also, if you think you’ll need extra salt and pepper (or other spices) don’t forget to pack those as well.

cutting board for perfect stylish bike picnic with sawako helmet  

Quench Your Thirst

And of course you’re going to need drinks. Your bike most likely has a place holder for bottles that you can use, but if not, try to pack lighter (sensing a theme here?) or purchase a drink holder that you can strap on your bike. This will make things much easier and give you more packing room for food.

 water bottle holder on bike for spring picnic with sawako helmet

I am not suggesting drinking in a park but these leather bike bottle holders are super cute.

wine bottle holder on bike


Trash Bags Just in Case

Also, you’re going to want to bring a trash bag. You may end up finding a place you love that doesn’t have a nearby trashcan. Rather than stuffing all of your trash into your backpack (who wants to do that?) you can just toss it all into a trash bag and find the nearest trash can. A lot of people assume a trashcan will be nearby, but it’s not guaranteed. So be extra prepared by bringing your own bag!

 Let's leave the nature as beautiful as you found it. 

 we want to keep nature as beautiful as it is

These are just a few basic tips, but there is a lot of customizing you can do to make this experience your own. You could do a themed picnic based off of your favorite movie or book and bring food from the story. There are many ways to make this unique, but these basic tips should help ensure that you don’t miss any details when embarking off on your adventure!

chill out at your picnic

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