Honoring Father's Day

At the NY Bike Expo this past May, someone asked me how long I’ve been a cyclist. As I thought about the answer, I realized I’ve been biking since I was about 4 years old. 

I then began to recall the many bikes I’ve had over the years. My very first pink bike with white tassels that my Dad taught me to ride on; the red 3 seat tandem my Dad used to cart my brother and myself on through town; the Craigslist Peugeot step-through my Dad haggled a great deal on so I’d have a way to get around in college; and then when I moved to Brooklyn, him shipping that same bike he haggled for, but freshly tuned up with new lights and a lock so I’d be ready for city riding.

It amazed me how reliable my dad had been over the years when it came to biking. So in honor of Father’s Day we want to give thanks to the Dads who’ve taught their kids to love cycling.

My dad worked in a bike shop all through college and to this day still loves building bikes.  He’s also blessed to have so many women in his family, between myself, my stepsisters, and his granddaughters. So whether he’s finding a good deal on a vintage Raleigh at a yard sale and cleaning it up for one of his kids, or building an elegant Soma bike from parts as a romantic gift,  or taking us girls on a Divvy tour of Chicago, it’s always inspired me to see him passionate about helping the women in his life get easy access to cycling.

David Kamerer on a Divvy

Since I’ve started working with Sawako I’ve realized what a boys club biking can be, so I appreciated remembering all the ways that my dad helped me feel confident and independent by giving me the gift of biking at a young age, and of course, making sure I always wore a helmet. 

riding in style even at age 5

Here’s to all of the Father’s who took the time to attach training wheels and tassels to their kids first bikes, making sure style and safety were part of their ride from the very first lesson. Happy Fathers Day!!!

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