Sawako's favourite coffee spots in London

October 1st is International Coffee Day in UK!  Read how you can celebrate the day via Metro , or simplyShow your appreciation for your brew by using the hashtag #InternationalCoffeeDay. 

Coffee is something I cannot live without.  As a mompreneur, I need my morning coffee to switch from my mom-mode to business owner mode.  It's my super power drink (although I am limiting myself to 2 cups a day maximum!).

I used to prefer tea to coffee until I moved to UK, which is ironic as England is so famous for tea.  There are so many good cafes around London.  Here are my personal favourite places to sit and enjoy an aromatic drink in London.  


This gallery's cafe is my hidden gem off busy West End.  I love their food also. 

The photographer's gallery

16-18 Ramillies St, Soho

London W1F 7LW

photographers gallery london coffee



Their Belsize Park Location used to be my North London HQ when my business (and my baby!) was very young.  People are so friendly and cakes are insanely good. 

Belsize Park
2 England's Lane

ginger and white london coffee


I know it's become an institution now but their Borough Market location has a special place in my heart. My last job as an architect was around the corner and I used to love coffee breaks there. 

Monmouth Coffee

2 Park Street 
The Borough 
London SE1 9AB

monmouth coffee london



TATE annual membership starts at £77 and it is so worth it.  This will allow you to sit in their member's room which has a great view of the Thames towards St. Paul's, as well as free access to special exhibitions. This museum is one of my favourite places in London anyway but their coffee is also good!

Tate Modern Bankside
London SE1 9TG

tate modern member's room coffee

What is your list? 

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