Mrs Pippa with a Sawako helmet!

Pippa Middleton was spotted on cycling around London town last week.
Pippa Middleton cycling with Sawako black croc helmet in London
 She was running errands on her bike.  Don't we just love her for that?? 
Having lived in London, I believe that cycling is definitely one of the most efficient ways to get from A to B there.  Public transport is better than New York City but tube is expensive and busses are not always on time.  I love black cabs but they are super pricy...
Pippa Middleton running errands on her bike in london with sawako helmet
I have a feeling that Pippa may not be worried about the cost of transport, it is more about  lifestyle choice for her.   Cycling in style continues even after you stop peddling.  Carrying a beautiful bicycle helmet says to the world that 'I am a cyclist who is active, confident, style-concisous and independent'.  Choose your own statement piece from our collection
Pippa Middleton carrying a Sawako black croc helmet in London
You may recall her recent lavish wedding to James Matthews.  It must be hard to get back to her reality after a beautiful honeymoon.  Cycling has a lot of health benefits including some feel-good effect on cyclists.  
pippa middleton's wedding DRESS
We are a big fan of James, too, since we spotted that he is gentleman enough to push Pippa's bicycle while they shop.  Perhaps he can wear our brown croc helmet to go on a romantic ride. 
James Matthews pushing Pippa Middleton's bike
Here she may have been busy texting her husband what to eat for dinner!  ;-)
Pippa Middleton texting with Sawako helmet in hand
This classy black croc helmets have been popular with/without Pippa effect.  Please ensure to preorder yours now, the new stock is due next week! 

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