Our NYC photo locations for the cutest girl helmet

Our recent mommy and me photos were taken in Tribeca, NY, USA. 

Model Mariana and her gorgeous daughter Anais rocked our helmets in 3 perfect photographer's dream locations. 

1. Roxy Hotel 

Roxy Hotel a great photoshoot location

Roxy Hotel is a luxury boutique hotel in Tribeca. The public space is open to anyone and there is Jack's Brew, one of our favorite coffee houses. The front of the hotel has some seatings, an iconic clock, and rental bicycles. 

2. Collister Street

A great photoshoot location in NYC

It is a quiet street with very limited car traffic. The surrounding brick warehouse buildings make perfect backdrops. 

3. Franklin Place 

Franklin Place a great photoshoot location NYC

It is a narrow one way street with many interesting textures.  It is used for a lot of fashion shoots, worth checking out. 



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