How Does Sawako Make Cycling Safer?

Since it is National Safety Month, we want to share the story behind our stance on safety with you. 

Some people think that the law should require cyclists to wear a helmet.

They think that helmet laws will make cycling safer. 

However, data shows that helmet laws actually lead to more accidents!


Because when people think they have to wear a helmet, they are deterred from cycling. 

And it turns out that the more cyclists are present, the less accidents there are!

That's why to Sawako, it is important that you want to wear a helmet, not feel that you have to.

Choosing to cycle has so many benefits to your health, the community, and the environment. 

By providing a range of beautiful helmets, we encourage you to make bike lane your runway, without feeling obligated.

Cycling is a lifestyle that we choose—and happily, with confidence.

A Sawako helmet says so. 


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