Q: What is “Sawako?”

A: “Sawako” is a Japanese name that means “helpful, peaceful child.”


Q: Are the animal-print covers real?

A: No. Sawako is a cruelty-free brand. Our covers are made with faux-leather or water-repellent fabric.


Q: How does the sizing work?

A: We have one size: female Medium. This is typically 52–58 cm with size adjustment in the back.


Q: Where do you manufacture your products? 

A: We work with a manufacturer who has produced quality helmets for us for more than a decade. All of our helmets are hand-finished and made with a personalized touch.


Q: What safety standards do the Sawako helmets meet? 

A: Sawako bicycle helmets comply with European standard CE EN1078, American CPSC, and Australian/New Zealander AS/NZS 2063. Sawako ski and snowboard helmets comply with European safety standard CE EN1077 and American ASTM F2040.


Q: What if an item is sold out?

A: If you find an item you like but it is sold out, you should find a box like the one below (there may be a momentary delay but it will pop open). Leave your email address and we will inform you when it is back in stock. Or, send a message to order@sawako.com and we will add you on the wait list.


Q: What is your shipping/return policy?

Click the link below.