5 Amazing gift ideas for the holiday season

Oh the merry season is upon us. When the weather gets cold there is something that keeps a flame in our hearts and warms us up every time we think about it. You all know what I am talking about right? It's the holiday season. The lovely fall weather brings us the beautiful colours, the falling leaves, the chilly breeze and most importantly the joyful times spent with the ones we love the most. There is yet another thing about this holiday that we all love. The shopping. The annual holiday sales that warm our hearts even more. So that's why today I will show you 5 amazing gift ideas for your loved ones or even better, yourselves.


Let's start this list with a little sparkle. We all want some sparkle in our lives, and I believe I have found the perfect item. For everyone that loves to remain active thorough the entire season I have found a great bike helmet that you will want to wear all year round. The Sawako helmet rightly named Sparkle is sure to put a spark in your heart as well as your feet. You will want to go everywhere in it. And even if you are not that big of a bike enthusiast it still is a perfect gift for your friend that is. And we all have one.


The second gift idea is also one for the bike lovers in your life. We all know the one thing that every bike needs. For safety, for whimsy, for appearance. I am talking about the bell. That is the one bike accessory that all bikes need and love. And I have found an extremely affordable and pretty bell you can give to your active friend and I can assure you they will love it. The Sawako Hanabi bell is a perfect choice.



The third option is something that everyone needs this season. An item that keeps you warm and stylish both at the same time. A great and cozy jacket is a must for the chilly weather. The Sawako sports jacket, created by the Belgian designer Annick van Campen is a great way to show your love to one of the people that are closest to you or you can just keep the stylish outerwear for yourselves.


The fourth choice is also an item well tailored for the chilly weather. It's an item made for people that love the snow and especially the activities involved with it. No I am not talking about a snowball fight although it may help to protect yourselves in that fun activity too. But it's mostly used while skiing. Yes, the helmet. It offers a lot of protection but, I have found one that offers a lot of style too. The Sawako Floral Navy Ski helmet is a great gift idea this season.


And last but most definitely not least. What's the one thing that you can never keep warm in the cold months ahead? For me as I believe it is the case for a lot of people, it's the ears. But worry not. For I have found a great item to help you tackle the cold and keep your ears warm. The Sawako Ear Cosies are another great and super affordable gift idea.

Sawako ear cosies ear muffs for helmets


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