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Yes I know, it can be really difficult to stay active in those winter days when, you just want to curl in a blanket and watch movies all day. But it usually happens that, when we get to spring, we feel sorry for the months spent doing just that. When we could have at least tried to beat the laziness and be more active.

So this year we can all turn a new leaf. We can promise ourselves to stay more active any chance we get and reap the benefits in the months ahead. But, despite the obvious ones as a great physique, there are a few other benefits to staying active. And I have a particular activity in mind that is as fun as it is helpful. It's one of my favourite ones too - biking. So here are just 3 of the many reasons why you should put biking on the top of you new year resolutions list.  


It's such an obvious reason but, it definitely deserves it's place at the top of the list. Not only does biking give you a great figure you'll be proud to show off come spring, but it also helps you keep it all year long. Just a couple of hours a week can help keep you fit and since it's also a great transportation method as they say you kill two birds with one stone.

cycling and muscle

You can set your own pace and on average an hour of moderate level cycling can could burn you more than 600 calories. It is also a great and muscle workout that puts less strain on the joints compared to other exercises.  In cycling countries such as Denmark or Holland, despite their calorie-rich food, there is much less obesity than in US.  One of the factors is their active lifestyle, including their daily cycling.    

scandinavian cycling


There is another important reason to take on biking as your favorite activity. It actually helps you deal with stress and anxiety. It is an extremely effective way to unwind and forget about our hectic schedule. Even a 10 minute ride will give you great results. Despite reducing your stress levels, cycling helps lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer and as previously mentioned it improves our overall mental health.

happiness cycling


Today it has become crucial for our survival that we make some much needed changes in our lifestyle in order to stay healthy and keep our planet clean. And biking is a quite easy and cost effective way to do that. It's much cheaper than driving your car every day to work and it comes with the satisfaction that you've played a small but very effective part in preserving our only home.

environmentally friendly eco friendly biking


If your new year’s goal (Yes, it could be called a resolution, but I feel that’s is bound to be broken!) is to stay active and healthy, making cycling as part of your everyday is an effective and fun way to achieve it. We look forward to hearing your biking style story, please share your photos by tagging #sawakohelmets. 

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