Pippa Middleton pedals on this winter

One of Sawako’s favourite celebrity users Pippa Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge's younger sister, was spotted again with our black crocodile helmet in London this week. (Read the original feature in Daily Mail) 

Pippa Middleton younger sister of Kate Middleton cycle through london black crocodile helmet 



After her lavish wedding ceremony to financier James Matthews in May 2017, she is still keeping it real and cycling around town (we adore her Pashley bicycle!). That’s a real role model attitude.

Pippa Middleton wedding

London is having a big chill at the moment so we are really impressed with her commitment to cycling through the chilly conditions. She is keeping herself super warm with her faux-fur hood this time. She should have known that we have earmuffs that can attach to her helmet really easily!


It has been more than 4 years since she was first spotted with a Sawako helmet. Thank you, Pippa for showing us how to lead active life in style.

pippa middleton past features with Sawako helmet

At the moment this eternally popular black crocodile helmet is out of stock. We are working hard to bring it back later this year but we know they go FAST when they come back. Please don’t forget to join our waiting list to avoid disappointment. 

How to pre-order

We hope the trend of stylish cycling will spread to Meghan Markle, too. She is another independent lady who is incredible fit (check out her flexible she is!) and smart.  I am sure she will soon figure out cycling is one of the best ways to get around town.  

 meghan Markle yoga pose



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