April showers: how to cycle safely in the rain

After a long, dark winter, spring has finally arrived, which means much more opportunity for getting out and about on our trusty bicycles. However, whilst we will be experiencing lighter evenings and warmer temperatures, April is notorious for having changeable weather and plenty of showers. Read on for our top tips on cycling safely in the rain.

Make friends with mudguards

A pair of mudguards can save you (and your clothes) from being spattered all over with mud and dirty water. Apart from keeping you looking smart and feeling dry, they stop water from spraying in your eyes which can be potentially dangerous.

Avoid puddles

Whilst splashing your way through puddles is lots of fun, it can also be hugely hazardous as you don't know how deep they are. If you cycle into a pothole you might damage your wheels or even fall off.

Be aware of slippery bits

Even a light shower can make the roads treacherous, so look out extra hard for potential hazards when cycling. Painted lines and dried out oil patches can be super slippy, so be watchful and take extra care when braking.

Take care of your brakes

Road grit mixed with water is the quickest way to wear your bike pads down, so, if it has been raining a lot, make sure you check them on a regular basis. If you aren't sure whether your bike pads are still in good working order, pop to your local bike shop and have them checked over.

Wear suitable clothing

Even though the evenings are lighter, a rain shower, or even just overcast weather, can make it hard for you to be visible when out on the roads. Reflective clothing is important whenever you're cycling, and it can be stylish too: check out our beautiful and functional urban sports jacket.

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