Carole Baskin Wore Our Leopard Helmet? 4 Women Who Represent Sawako’s Values Better 

No offense to Netflix, the Internet, or Carole Baskin herself, but we weren’t the biggest fans of “Tiger King” for a number of reasons.


Joe Exotic from Tiger King on Netflix

Still, the names “Joe Exotic” and “Carole Baskin” have been inescapable for weeks. We even heard that Sawako made an appearance—did you hear? The woman of suspicion and hashtag infamy, Carole Baskin, was shown to wear our leopard helmet. 

Carole Baskin cycling through her sanctuary with a Sawako Helmet

As you may understand, we are bemused about how to handle this association. We love that Carole Baskin strove to stand for animal rights and conservancy. And we re-iterate, we didn’t get into Tiger King and therefore don’t understand all the nuances of the issue.

But there are so many incredible women in this world fighting for important issues, we would rather give them the spotlight. Here are 4 women we would love to see wearing our helmet because they align with Sawako’s values. 


Emily Ratajakowski 

Emily Ratajakowski Sawako the stylish helmet blog

With a following of more than 26 million people on Instagram, Emily Ratajkowski uses her platform to speak about issues for social justice. We think she represents the intersection of inner beauty and self-confidence, 2 values that Sawako holds dear with her brand of stylish helmets.   


Amal Clooney

Amal Clooney Sawako Helmets blog

Sawako designs her helmets with women who want to make a difference in mind. Amal Clooney does just that. A hardworking human rights attorney, Clooney has been an integral player in international law while being a model of grace and integrity.  



AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Sawako Blog

Speaking of making a difference, AOC’s impact on the political landscape is undeniable. An example of a young woman who demonstrates grit and determination, we think that AOC is a great inspiration, and that more people should rock a Sawako while doing on-the-ground local campaigning. 


Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Sawako blog

You can’t talk about women to aspire to without speaking of the former first lady, Michelle Obama. As first lady, Obama became a role model for women and advocated for nutrition, physical activity, and education. Sawako shares these values as she strives to help make cycling a healthy lifestyle for more and more people.  


Which helmet do you think these fabulous women would choose? 


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