Let’s talk bike share. We all know that there are many benefits that you experience when you take the fit, eco-friendly route: You burn calories. You reduce your footprint. You don’t have to deal with the hassles of ownership and maintenance. (Extra: you look good).

But what about the downsides? Getting passed by. Battling uphill (we are not naming names, San Francisco). Working up a sweat—on the way to the office. For these reasons, we introduce you to JUMP. JUMP just made a big announcement—read on.

Nelle on a JUMP bike with Sawako sparkle helmet  Nelle from JUMP bike posing with our sparkle helmet 

JUMP is a new electric vehicle-sharing company that Uber recently acquired. That’s because JUMP is bringing innovation to the table.

For example, JUMP’s eye-catching red bikes are electric, and dock-less. You don’t have to find a station for the e-bike after your ride. JUMP changed the script and moved that technology—GPS, payment, and customer interface—into the bike itself.

jump bike close up

JUMP e-bike control panel  

JUMP improved the traditional hardware inside their e-bike. In fact, Core77 awarded JUMP with the Transportation Design Award of the Year. Chief Product Officer Nick Foley says that “the common failure points of a consumer bicycle have been re-imagined and re-engineered: screws, cables, exposed metals, removable components, etc. have all been protected and integrated.” He says this “is crucial to a theft-proof, weather-resistant vehicle.”


Sounds complicated.


But using JUMP is easy. Download the app and locate a bike nearby. Unlock the bike and get pedalling—the e-assist feature will give you a boost! With each pedal, the 250 W class-1 motor will help you reach up to 20 mph. When you’re done, lock up in any designated area.

Nelle test riding a JUMP bike. 

JUMP’s big news: Uber is also integrating a JUMP scooter-share system. JUMP just unveiled their reliable, electric scooters. Take a look. We are thrilled to get together with JUMP and learn more.

Scooter- and bike-sharing is growing in popularity around the world. And safety is a high priority of the new company. So Sawako is partnering with JUMP to promote helmets for you to wear during your e-bike or scooter commute. 

jump new e-scooter

Sawako was inspired by her commutes in London to design helmets for cyclists who need gear that keeps up with their style. Come check out a range of helmet colors and styles—from posh to glam rock—that will suit you on your commute!


JUMP is committed to providing a safe, reliable bike- and scooter-share system. We invite you to come out and learn more about the bike- and scooter-sharing startup and shop Sawako’s chic and functional helmets. With the purchase of a Sawako helmet, you’ll receive a free bike ride through the JUMP app! (One per customer and as supplies last.)

jump nelle and irvin


Take this chance to explore the transportation option that’s changing the game in the bike- and scooter-sharing world. With JUMP and Sawako together, you will connect with 2 brands that care about transforming our cities for the better—through forward-thinking, and safety in style.








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