The weather is changing: It’s time to switch gears! We cycled through the city all summer, and we are ready to put on our cute coats and cycle through the autumn foliage before winter weather hits. Thinking ahead to those blowy, blustery days, Sawako wants to give you the chance to experience an exciting new indoor cycling bike that is revolutionizing home workouts, and will keep you motivated and pumping from home, in any weather!

Peloton’s indoor cycling bike allows you to break away from the pack and experience live and on-demand workout classes at home.

Since launching its wildly successful indoor bike in 2014, Peloton has amassed an incredible community around its premium services. Referred to as “the Apple of fitness” by a vice-chairman at JP Morgan, Peloton’s technology, hardware, and software come together to allow you to experience an immersive workout from home. Stream live and on-demand cycling classes and get pumping on your own terms, in your own space.

peloton bike

The Peloton bike’s carbon steel and aluminium design is distinguished by a brilliant 22-inch touchscreen. Users choose from a variety of classes. From 45-minute, high-intensity rides to 10-minute, low-impact sessions, you have control. You will be able to see how fast you’re going and where you rank in the class. And there’s no cheating! Your instructor will see your stats and tell you what output level to aim for.

Want to see for yourself? Sawako is partnering with Peloton to allow you to experience the bike that’s changing the game. Take a live or on-demand ride on Peloton’s gorgeous indoor bike. This will be a unique chance to get acquainted with the bike and the list of elite motivational instructors who are available with a Peloton subscription.    

And as you already know, Sawako thinks fashion-forwardly. Hop off the bike and check out Sawako’s chic and functional bike helmets with Sawako Furuno herself!

Sawako helmets fit on-the-go and en-vogue cyclists. Inspired by her commutes in Japan, London, and New York, Furuno designed the helmet that was missing from the market. At the event, you will have the chance to pick up the helmets and try them on for size. Choose from a range of styles and colors that will compliment any outfit: find one for your daily commute to the office, or your weekend rides.    

Sawako heritage collection at Bloomingdales

To add some flair to the event, purchase a stylish helmet and you’ll receive a gift from Peloton! Peloton is throwing in a free class for each purchase of a Sawako helmet. And, if you are already a Peloton member, get 20% off of Sawako products!

Sawako and Peloton both believe that cycling has the power to help transform ourselves and our cities. We hope you will take the opportunity to connect with these two new brands in-person during these 2 unique events around NYC! 


Bloomingdale's NY 59th St.: Saturday, September 29, 1-4 PM

Bloomingdale's NY Soho: Saturday, October 13, 1- 4 PM

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