Gift of Singing during COVID-19 Crisis

I was talking with my relatives in Manchester, UK a few weeks ago.  They had a power cut while self quarantining...and during that time, the dad picked up his guitar and made a unique song about staying indoor.

It's called 'BUNKER DOWN'. It may not win a music award but is very sincere and sweet that BBC radio interviewed them, and it was shared in a global business's website. 

People are slowing down and have more time to listen and smile. 

Since then I found so many funny songs about COVID19 or quarentine life.  It doesn't change the fact that we are still in a global crisis, but the fact that these people haven't lost sense of humor. 

Here are my favorite 5.  Let me know what you love!

Coronavirus Phapsody By Dana Jay Bein


Hello by Chris Mann


Les Miserables by Marsh Family


Yesterday by Kiffness

A little biased, but this is the one my relatives made in Manchester! 

What's your favorite song?  Let's keep singing and laughing, so good for your immunity! 


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