How to Support Independent Businesses during the Coronavirus Crisis


How are you doing? Hope you are staying healthy and positive during this uncertain time. 


As you know, governments everywhere have order people to stay home, and shut down non-essential businesses to slow the spread of the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

The effect of these initiatives can be devastating for everyone, including the service industry workforce and healthcare employees. 

The same holds true for independent small businesses. Many were forced to close their doors and your favorite street with unique stores and coffee stops may look very different after this crisis goes away (hopefully not too far away!).  

I know many of us are facing really difficult time and it is hard to see beyond today.  However, if you are in a fortunate place to buy something or  please help independent businesses in order to retain a balanced diverse society.


1. Shop Small

If you are lucky enough to consider retail therapy or joining a virtual birthday party, consider buying from an independent brand rather than jump onto Amazon.
You can help support smaller companies and even save money by 
purchasing directly from them-from their own website.  If you shop from third-party platforms like Amazon or eBay, the small business may have to 
pay percentage of the sales price, and as result you can end up paying more. 


2.  Buy or Give Gift cards

For many businesses, cash flow can be really problematic.

During this pandemic, the equivalent of a war bond is the gift card. Business gets the cash now, and consumers get to spend it later.

Talking about virtual birthday parties, why not buy or give gift cards from small businesses?  Surprise a friend with a coffee gift card from a local place like madman espresso who delivers.   It can be also a nice reminder that there will be a time when he/she can go out and get favorite cappuccino freely soon....

We also have a gift card, too! If you know someone who could benefit from being safe on her bike, why not send her an e-gift card?  

e gift card a gift of stylish helmet


3.  Tell Small Businesses What You Need

We all have to be smart about where to spend our limited capital.  Businesses are trying to adjust to this new environment, too. They may not be able to react immediately but it would help for them to plan their next moves.  So reach out and tell them what you think! 


4. Leave a Review

Another thing you could help is to write a honest, hopefully good review about these businesses.  It will help other customers to choose these businesses or business owners to learn from your feedback. 

These acts allow them to become more conscious of both social media and popular search engines.


5. Refer a Friend

The absolute best way to support a local small business … would be to refer your family and friends to the business. Word of mouth is a powerful component of marketing!

Giving a small business owner new customers is the absolute best way to support them. They need the customers, and they need the cash.

6. Share on Social


SENA happy customer

One great way to show your appreciation for a small business is by sharing a well-loved product on social media.

Snap a picture of the product being used in the real world with a caption about how it’s benefited you, helped you or even the compliments you’ve received on it in the past. 

Tagging the company and providing a link gives them value from the post, brings their brand to the attention of an audience they may not have reached otherwise, and gives them a well-deserved confidence boost in the process.


Cycling population is growing because a lot more people are choosing biking as a form of solitary exercise or transportation.  We are so grateful for everyone who has been supporting our business during this difficult time.  A number of studies say cycling keeps your immune system young and strong.  Also a regular exercise is still very important for your physical and mental health. 

Read our another blog post for how to cycle safely during this unusual time







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