How to Bike Safely During Coronavirus

Firstly, hope everyone is doing well during this uncertain time.  My gratitude goes to everyone in necessary businesses including medical industry who are risking their health to rescue others.  For these people, as well as for our own safety, we need to do our part and stay away from each other and follow the steps to prevent this epidemic. 

It can be really challenging to stay indoor all day long.  At this point, solitary exercise is permitted and we should make sure to balance between safety and our physical & mental health.

Cycling is recognized as one of the acceptable methods of exercise as long as we keep a social distance. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger has said that is now his only way to stay fit and get fresh air although he got in trouble by not keeping social distance! 

If you're not self-isolating or unwell, the experts agree you and your family can still go outside to exercise at this stage. You must practice a social distancing, keep up good hygiene practices, and wash your hands when you get home.

At times like this, the advice of experts is needed more than ever. I want to remind you how to ride safely now during coronavirus concerns (don't forget your helmet of course!) 

1. Ride Solo (or only with people you live with) 

Usually it's so much more fun to have riding buddies.  HOWEVER, it's not the right time.  In order to shorten this crazy situation, we need to get used to solidarity for a while.  It could be a good way to focus on your mind and body.  Choose a route that won't be overcrowded and adjust your speed to keep sufficient distance from other riders. 

Are you missing your friends? You can always share your ride info via social media or various apps such as Strava. 

a lady wearing a sawako blue helmet


2. Make it short and sweet

I know we are all desperate to keep our fitness level during this frustrating period.  However, it is just better to limit the time outdoor unless necessary. 

Good news is that positive impact of being outside found that studies show as little as 10 minutes in natural settings can lead to an improvement in physiological stress markers like lower heart rate, blood pressure, and cortisol.  

Make it manageable and refreshing, and make it part of your daily routine.

If you crave for more challenges, you can do extra workouts indoor (lunges or squats are great cycling exercises without bike) to supplement your ride.  


3. Bring your tools

Bring your gloves to avoid direct contact with frequently touched surfaces, hand sanitizer or wipes.  I would refrain from eating snack outside if you can. Make the ride short enough that you don't get starving, and enjoy a light nutritious snack at home (after you wash your hand thoroughly!).

bike equipment

Remember that you’re not out here today to train for tour de France. You’re here because you need a break from stress and an outlet for the anxiety we are all feeling.


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