The most liked season that is spring is just around the corner and since the kids, as well as the adults, are tired of sitting at home in winter in their cozy lounge, its time you all go out and engage with people and the sun.

If you love cycling, these yoga poses will help you get rid of your aching muscles, sprain, or pressure caused by being on a bicycle. If you are also trying to get rid of the little fat that is making you not fit in your perfect dress then cycling is a wonderful cardiovascular exercise and an amazing quality building exercise for the entire body. However, cycling should not be done without a helmet and what if you’re a fashionista, you should try Sawako stylist helmets and ride in style.

Here are my main 5 picks of yoga postures for cyclists:

Squats – With the help of squats, you would be able to live a healthy lifestyle as well as a cycle with style because it will keep your posture straight and help with your lower back.


Crescent Lunge – After cycling with style with while wearing your Sawako helmet, crescent lunge will help you stretch your muscles and reduce the soreness.

crescent lunge best yoga posed for cyclists

Reclining Butterfly – This pose focuses on the internal nervous system and makes you live a healthy lifestyle by unwinding your muscles after your stylish ride. This also helps in breathing which will further help in cycling.

reclining butterfly yoga pose for cyclists

Intense Front Body Stretch – This pose helps the cyclist by forming muscular balance and its main focus is on the lower back.

front body stretch best yoga posed for cyclists


All the above yoga poses as well as other online help the cyclist relieve their pain and help with their back problems. Some exercises are to be done before cycling and other after cycling. It is recommended to wear a helmet and there is no other helmet better than Sawako stylish helmets. It is also recommended to keep a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy, wearing comfortable clothes while yoga and cycling and keep the muscles straight and not bend them in case you strain yourself. These precautions like wearing stylish helmets will not only style your ride but it will also keep your head away from injuries.


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