Annick Van Campen, the founder of mudchick

Today we are featuring Annick Van Campen, the founder of mudchick, cycling and running apparel brand in Belgium.  It has been our retailer and Annick is the collaborative designer for our cycling jacket.  Let's discover her cycling style. 
annick from mudchick
What kind of cyclist are you? Sporty/commuter/weekend/beginner etc.

I am a weekend cyclist. In the winter, I enjoy a mountain bike ride in the woods.

In summer, I love cruising along the canals on my race bike

Which lifestyle brands are you following at the moment? 

    Sawako of course, Expresso fashion, Patricia Pepe, the blog of Rens Kroes, traveling sites, Hike & Trekking Magazine, Bike & Trekking, but also Claudia Sträter and Ann Demeulemeester and Dries Van Noten 

    Tell about your business and why you started it. What are your core values? 

    I am a sport-loving women. During my childhood I was always creatively active end passionate about fashion.

    Studying at the fashion Academy of Antwerp was no option for my parents, so I went on to Commerce and Finance Sciences.

    After I was graduated, I landed up in the banking and insurance world, were I am still active as a self-employed independent insurance broker.

     For the last years I have spent my leisure time mountain biking and I noticed the limited offer of feminine cycling wear.

    As fashion has always fascinated me, the idea was planted to get to work: in collaboration with Bioracer we launched our brand new collection in the summer of 2014

    Mud Chick's core values?

    We find it important that our clothes are manufactured under optimal conditions for the staff, that quality is aspired to and that production is environmentally friendly. Designed in Belgium, production in Belgium and Europe for the European market. 

    Annick x Sawako cycling jacket with Sawako madison helmet

    Besides your business, what is your passion? 

    Spending time with my family, cooking and traveling

    As a woman is a male dominated industry, what is your role in inspiring other women to cycle?

    Ladies enjoy cycling, but aside from wanting to look sporty, also want to come out looking elegant. A drink at a café after a blissfully strenuous activity without feeling uncomfortable in an inelegant outfit and with my collection, That’s possible for every women

    Where’s your favourite place to pedal? 

    In the forest 

    What was your first bike?

    A mountain bike from Trek 

    Annick on move

    Black croc, leopard or glitter?


    If you could cycle anywhere in the world where would it be?

    In Canada

    Tell us your secret cycling style tip. 

    Never make a compromise between elegance and practical. Life is too short to wear ugly cycling wear 

    What's on your cycling soundtrack?

     The silence of nature


    cycling jacket sawako x annick  

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