How to Start Cycling

At Sawako, we are excited to help usher in more cycling to our everyday lives. We believe that now is the time for commuters to change their habits and start cycling for the good of our health and the environment.

Because of Coronavirus and the necessity to preserve our air quality around the world, it is not surprising that more and more people are choosing to ride to work and to run errands. If you are one of the many people interested in joining the movement, we couldn’t be happier to help!  

Here is our 4-step guide to getting started cycling. 

1.Find the Right Bicycle
Bike store

The first step to beginning your new life as a bicyclist is finding the right set of wheels. Because you have unique requirements, such as ability, height, location, and budget, etc., there is quite a range of bikes you can choose from to accommodate you. We highly recommend stopping by your local bicycle shop (they were deemed “essential” in NYC for this reason) to have an expert help you find the best fit for you.

Here are some of the best bike shops in the cities our team members live.




2.Gear Up! 

Sawako helmet and bell and ear muffs set

As bicycle enthusiasts here at Sawako, we look at gearing up as half of the fun. That’s why Sawako makes stylish cycling helmets in the first place. Why think of helmets as boring? Choose from one of Sawako’s fashion-forward women’s helmets. Once you have your cycling helmet, check out one of Sawako’s beautiful bells, too. You will want this to let pedestrians and other cyclists know that you are approaching. 

3. Know the Rules

bike laws : link to NYC DOT bike safety page


After gearing up with Sawako’s stylish helmet, you will be equipped with another important component to safe cycling: confidence. Confidence is even more strongly rooted in knowing the rules of the road. So your next step is to become educated about the rules of the road in your state. 


4. Get into the Groove

Sawako leopard helmet cycling in style

Once you have found your perfect bicycle, geared up with a stylish cycling helmet, and educated yourself about the rules of the road, the next step is to get out there and get into the groove. It takes some getting used to, however we know you will love figuring out your cycling style, routes, and preferences.

Happy cycling! 

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