Meet our Newest Retailer: tokyobike 

If you’ve seen a tokyobike store before, then you were probably in one of the world’s most vibrant locations: London, downtown Los Angeles, or a handful of other cities. You also know that tokyobike boasts a collection of designs that bicycle lovers like us fawn over. Minimal, urban, and clean, their bikes convey their Japanese roots and fit a thoughtful, adventurous lifestyle.  

tokyobike store in Yanaka Tokyo Japan


tokyobike is an independent brand that was founded in 2002 in a suburb of Tokyo. Their beautiful frames are crafted from lightweight Cr-Mo steel. Tokyobike bicycles accommodate small living spaces, ease of transport with public transportation, and are designed to be agile and accelerate quickly in traffic. 

tokyobike on a street


At Sawako, we adore tokyobike’s style. Sawako’s stylish helmets also share tokyobike’s classy sensibilities: Sawako’s fashion-forward designs are made with on-the-go women in urban settings in mind. We believe that this partnership is a match made in heaven.   


If you are in one of the major cities that is lucky enough to have a tokyobike, we highly recommend that you stop in for a visit, from one bike enthusiast to another.  


We are very excited to announce that tokyobike has become our distributor of kids helmets.  Our collaboration is perfect with their kid bike collection, which is timeless, beautiful and fun. 

tokyobike beige kids bicycle tokyobike blue kids bicycle


There are even more colors! 

How will you style these beautiful kids bikes with our kids helmets? 

<photo credit: tokyobike>

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