Mother's Day

In honor of Mother’s Day, I want to celebrate all the Moms out there, for loving their kids unconditionally, even with the stress of frantic morning routines and occasional not-so-perfect parenting!  One of the many things I am learning is to accept as a Mother imperfection.  Many women juggle numerous roles; Mom, Business person, Wife, Friend, this list can go on. But whatever the path we choose, we are all doing our best.  

Let’s celebrate that.  

 sawako juggling helmets

Being an entrepreneur and a mom (or Mompreneur as I like to call it) has a lot of ups and downs.  It has given me so much freedom, creativity and excitement that I could not get while working for a bigger company. However, every morning, I have to be READY to succeed, no matter what. Mompreneur’s need to be motivated to open another door to grow their business and stay positive.  If you stop, money stops.  I must admit that I sometimes missed working for a corporate environment where you get paid, even if you are just making a cup of tea! (Thank you, past bosses!)

 3 gals

In a sense, I feel I am also the mother of the products I have created and I am so proud and glad that they are enjoyed by thousands of stylish cyclists.  Another great part of running my own business, is that my girls Koko & Connie are witnessing my effort closely. When the business was smaller, I used to store all the helmets in my apartment (my poor husband). In those days I’d package every order, and bring them while pushing my kids in their stroller.  They have seen me checking hundreds of helmets in cold warehouses, lifting boxes, holding meetings (often with my husband who is also my business advisor) and they have seen first hand how my business developed into what it is today.  From witnessing my struggles and joys as my own boss, I hope they are also learning with me! 

I found these messages on the cardboard boxes I was transferring for an event recently. 

mama work I love your helmets

"Mama Work, I love your helmet" (by Connie, 4) 

mama's helmets are the best!

"Mama's helmets are the best! Sparekley (Sparkly) Helmet" (by Koko, 7) 

At least I know that so far, they are proud of me, which keeps me motivated and drives me to improve my products and business. 

Thank you, Koko & Connie, for making me a mother! 

 Koko Connie and me

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