Three gorgeous hairstyles you can wear under your helmet

Sawako helmets are the most stylish ones around and enable you to look elegant and classy whenever you're riding your bike. What our helmets can't do, however, is guarantee that you'll get to work or to a date without the dreaded 'helmet hair'. But, all is not lost, as there are some very easy-to-achieve hairstyles that will still look great when you arrive at your destination. Here are three of our favourites. 
Colourful headscarf
This look is so simple that it's almost cheating, but works incredibly effectively. It keeps your hair out of your face if it's long and keeps it under control if it's short, plus it stops your it from becoming greasy if you have a long journey. Once you arrive at your destination simply remove and voila! It's as if you've just stepped out of a salon.
Waterfall crown braid
If you want to tie your hair up and get it out of your face when cycling, but don't want to go for a boring old pony tail, this half up/half down do is for you. It might appear complicated but it's actually surprisingly easy to pull off and will look just as good when you remove your bike helmet as it did when you first created it. Check out this tutorial to get you started. 
Low bun
The low bun is perfect for those low maintenance moments when you're in a hurry or you simply can't be bothered. By keeping the bun low you can easily wear your helmet, as the bun will sit at the nape of your neck and below the bottom of your helmet. It will keep your hair firmly in place and stop it flying around in the wind, whilst giving you a soft and feminine look. 
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