The 3 most stunning cycle routes in Ireland

Happy St Patrick's Day! We're celebrating the patron saint of beautiful Ireland the best way we know how, with a look at some of the Emerald Isle's best cycle routes. 
Wild Atlantic Way
At an impressive 2,500km long, this cycle route probably isn't one you'd do in one go, unless you're a very serious cyclist. It runs from Belfast all the way round to Cork, so if you're looking for a relaxed cycling holiday you can just choose the amount that would best suit you. The rugged landscape is absolutely stunning and you will see everything from sea life to surfers to lighthouses.
The Kingfisher Trail
The Kingfisher cycle trail follows small country roads through the beautiful rural landscape of the border counties of Fermanagh, Leitrim, Cavan, Donegal and Monaghan, forming a 'figure of 8' shape. There is very little traffic, making it perfect for family holidays, but plenty to see, including many beautiful lakes and local flora and fauna.
Mourne Mountains 
As the name suggests, this is a very hilly route, but it will be worth it! The Mourne Mountains inspired CS Lewis to create Narnia, so you can imagine just how beautiful the landscapes are. Expect panoramic mountain views, picturesque villages and some challenging slopes for mountain bikers. 

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