5 fab cycling tips for spring!

Though it's officially still winter, spring is definitely on its way. Warmer weather, beautiful daffodils and budding trees are definitely pointing us in the direction of the summer months. If you've avoided cycling during the winter but are ready to get back in the saddle in time for spring, we've got a few tips to make the transition back into cycling that little bit easier.
Get back into healthy eating
If you've allowed your diet to go south over winter, as many of us do, now is the time to clean it up a bit. Eating healthily will give you much more energy, plus you'll find that all that extra Christmas weight shifts much quicker if you combine eating well with cycling. Of course, you need to eat plenty when you are doing regular exercise, so make sure you have a balanced diet of carbs, protein, fibre and healthy fats.
Prepare your bike
If you haven't used your bike for a few months, it's very important that you service it yourself or take it to your local bike shop for them to look over. A bike that hasn't been used for a long time is vulnerable to damage from everything from rust to flat tyres, so giving it a service will make sure it's both safe and operating at its full potential.
Check your helmet
As with your bike, it's really important to give your helmet a careful examination for signs of wear and tear or damage. Although it may seem unlikely that anything will have happened to it, it only takes a fall from a shelf to crack a helmet and render it unsafe. If you need a new one, we've got a fab selection of stylish ones in our shop!
Ease yourself into it
If you haven't cycled for a few months, immediately embarking on a 30-mile marathon won't do your body any favours. Go for a few shorter rides to ease back into it and get your fitness up to speed again. 
Make sure you're fully equipped
Just because it's spring, it doesn't mean you don't need to take into account weather conditions, as the temperature drops quickly when it gets dark and there's always the chance of rain. Check that your lights are still working after a winter in storage and make sure you have a suitable jacket, such as our brand new Urban Sports Jacket.

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