Sawako Q&A: Lavinia from Cyclechic

At Sawako we love to foster close relationships with our retailers and business friends, and we'd like you to get to know them a little better too. We've put together a few questions that aim to offer an insight into the people and brands we know who love cycling, cycle style and everything that is great about the biking lifestyle. Our first guest is Lavinia from Cyclechic, a wonderful website that, in their own words, are on a mission to 'promote cycling as a desirable lifestyle choice and encourage more women to take to two wheels'.
What kind of cyclist are you? Sporty/commuter/weekend/beginner?
I am a commuter. We don't own a car so everything has to be done by bike!
Tell us about your business and why you started it. What are your core values?
Cyclechic was started out of frustration that there were no stylish cycling accessories aimed at women (we are mainly aimed at women but do cater for dapper gentlemen too). We try to promote cycling as a way of life, not only for sport.
Besides your business, what is your passion?
Fashion, architecture, interior design; anything stylish really!
As a woman in a male dominated industry, what is your role in inspiring other women to cycle?
We want to encourage more women to cycle. From the school run in the morning to commuting to work to grocery shopping, everything can be done by bike!
What's your favourite place to pedal?
London of course!
What was your first bike?
A Peugeot in blue. I used to cycle every day to school with it. I was gutted when I eventually had to accept the fact that I had outgrown it!
Black Croc, Leopard or Sparkle?
I have to say until the Sparkle arrived I thought the Black Croc would be for me, but the glitter... What can I say, it's just too pretty!
If you could cycle anywhere in the world, where would it be?
My husband has plans to cycle around the world when we retire but I would probably start with exploring more cities by bike.
Tell us your secret cycling tip
Never cycle on the main arteries. London is full of little roads which are not dangerous. It might add five minutes to your journey but you will be and feel safe. Another bonus is that you will discover spots you will never see if you were walking by car.

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