My top 3 'Things to do in London' this summer

I have been back in London this summer. As you may know, I lived in UK and worked as an architect for more than a decade before I moved to New York with my family. It’s lovely to come back to my old stomping ground and catch up with my friends. 

The weather has been just incredible (which is unusual) and this city is magical when weather is like this.  England is going to the semi-final in the world cup, too. How miraculously fantastic is this summer? 

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite summer London spots. You can always cycle to these destinations of course!

london map

1) Hyde Park

This is the biggest park in central London.  The vast green space in the middle of the city reminds you that London is the greenest metropolitan city in the world.  Diana Memorial Fountain is a great place to splash water with kids.  It has a lot of trees around to chill out when it gets too hot.

Canadian memorial serpentine lake sculpture barrels best of London summer princess diana fountain a great spot for cooling down in London
Canadian Memorial 
Barrel sculpture in Serpentine Lake 
Princess of Wales Memorial


Serpentine Summer Pavilion

Every year an architect practice is selected to design a temporary outside pavilion.  They of course select the hippest team and it’s always fun to check out the creative space.

A Mexican architect Frida Escobedo was selected this year.  Her philosophy on material and reaction to urban fabric is always inspiring but her pavilion was not my favourite I must admit. 

Serpentine Pavillion 2018 summer London Serpentine Pavilion 2018 London
Serpentine Pavillion 
Serpentine Pavillion 

Instead, I really enjoyed the exhibition of Christo and Jeanne-Claude, who installed a jaw-dropping cool huge sculpture on the Serpentine Lake this year.

2) South Bank

Whenever I come back to London, I have to run down this massive slope in Tate Modern.  The ambitious extension has been completed now and the viewing platform is cool.  Enjoy an iconic view of the Millennium Bridge & St Pauls from their upper level balcony.  I used to work in an architecture practice near here and come here for lunch break almost everyday.

south bank summer with fountain Queens theatre roof terrace bar best of summer London with my partner in crime!
South Bank in summer Urban garden on top of Queens Elizabeth Hall
The best part of London is my friends! 

Queens Elizabeth Hall Roof top 

This fountain is iconic every summer. You cannot stop giggling when you get wet when you predict the fountain’s next move wrong! This building has a rooftop bar which is also mellow.

3) Primrose Hill

Surrounded by beautiful terrace houses this park is quintessentially English. It has always attracted a lot of celebrities such as Jude Law, Kate Moss…

Primrose Hill cute houses in Primrose Hill
Primrose Hill pretty houses in Primrose Hill

My Manhattan children don’t get a chance to run down a hill often so we always enjoy just going up and down this hill.  Regents Park Road has a few cute cafes and shops, worth strolling through it.  I love this area and have used for a photoshoot in the past.  

primrose Hill photo shoot with girls with helmets  

I would love to hear about your favourite London spots! Enjoy summer!

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