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New Year Sale! Best-Selling Helmets Items 15% Off Now

Posted by Julia Trechak on

This month, take 15% off of helmets with barely-there blemishes. At Sawako, our hand-finished helmets are our most popular. And we take pride in the individuality of every helmet we produce.


But we are also perfectionists. So this month, Sawako is discounting a batch of helmets with slight aesthetic blemishes—little imperfections that most people will not notice and do not compromise the helmets’ integrity.

Some of the flaws include:

  • Imperfectly aligned patterns
  • Barely-visible glue

We hope you will take this 1-time opportunity to get 15% off of our best-selling helmets.

black croc

Can you see the imperfection? Really hard, isn't it? 

floral imperfection sample

How about this? 

Along with other hand-finished helmets, we upholster the Floral Helmet by hand. The fabric is applied in a patch-work fashion, with jigsaw-like pieces of fabric that fit together. This creates the unique, beautiful quality that you see.  

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