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The holidays are a time where we reflect on what we’ve been given, and what we can give. Sometimes, we forget that cycling is a privilege. To give back this season, Sawako is donating 10% of all sales to help an incredible charity that gives disadvantaged youth the gift of education—CYCLE Kids.

The proof of their impact is in the numbers;

  • Physical activity – 52% improvement: By making bike-riding fun, social, and safe, CYCLE Kids gets children hooked on a healthy activity.

  • Nutritional intelligence – 71% improvement: CYCLE Kids graduates demonstrate an understanding and acceptance of the nutritional concepts we teach, including portion control, ‘once in awhile’ foods, and the importance of fruits and vegetables.

  • Personal growth – 48% improvement: The CYCLE Kids program helps students feel safe and self-reliant, improving their confidence, self-esteem, and sense of well-being.

  • Social growth – 48% improvement: The CYCLE Kids program gives kids an opportunity to socialize with other children in a positive, social, and non-competitive physical activity.

kids having fun cycling

Sawako met the founder, Julianne, in 2017 at the Transportation Alternatives gala.

Since then, they have bonded over their shared belief in the transformative power of cycling.

julie the founder of cyclekids

CYCLE Kids provides schools with bikes and a curriculum to teach kids about emotional as well as physical health, improving their social skills and personal development. And it specifically seeks to work with under-served communities.

Right now, CYCLE Kids has 3 programs running in Navajo Nation, reaching more than 190 kids. Sawako deeply appreciates Julianne’s dedication, and is honored to partner with her for the holidays, and in times to come.

kids messages about cycling

Shop Sawako now until January and help CYCLE Kids give the ultimate gift of access and education to the kids who need it most.


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