Our 2021 Guide to Finding the Perfect Helmet


 Madison Gray Grey in Brooklyn

A beautiful cycling helmet does not only give cyclists confidence to take the road and own it, it also keeps them safe.


We know that a lot of people's 2021 resolution is to keep fit and some of you just started cycling.   Make sure to protect yourself with a stylish bike helmet!  Which helmet would be perfect for you or that special person? Take a look below at guide to find the perfect Sawako helmet.



Grace riding with a Sawako turquoise star helmet

Sawako has recently launched the cutest kids’ helmet on the market. Instead of chunky, heavy designs like the others that you find, Sawako’s kids helmets are lightweight, classically stylish, and durable for protection. Get your little ones a helmet this Christmas and make it a timeless Sawako kids’ helmet. 



 Man wearing a brown crocodile helmet

We recently received a letter from one of our male customers saying he loves to wear his Sawako helmet. Our beautiful designs are for everyone. We even think Harry Styles would rock one of our Madison helmets flawlessly. For the male cyclist in your life, we recommend one of these.



 Floral Ski Helmet Model

We all know someone who is always posting pictures from the top of a mountain. Maybe she has a blog or stellar Instagram, or maybe she prefers to keep in touch via email. Either way, you never know when she’s off to another adventure! For this sporty enthusiast, give her a Sawako ski helmet and she will shine on the slopes.



 Hanabi Beige

Everyone needs a good helmet like they need a good pair of jeans. If your loved one is partial to a sample sale and always fawning over a designer’s new collection, we have the perfect options for stylish bicycle helmet. Check out the Hanabi in Beige.



Some people like to stand out through their hair color. With a Sawako helmet, you can help this person express their creativity through a helmet. One of the following will give the gift of flair for your loved one with pizazz. We recommend one of our stand-out sellers (sorry it's sold out, but we are working hard to bring them late spring), such as the Sparkle helmet.




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