Sawako's Tip on How To Stay Fit 2021

Let's Go Outside

Whenever possible, do your cardio outside if you can keep a healthy distance from others. Walking or running outdoors exposes you to sunshine (although a little harder in London than NY), which increases the feel-good brain chemical called serotonin.  

cycling outdoor

Other benefits of outdoor workouts are:

  • Longer workouts: People tend to spend more time exercising outdoors because it feels less like a chore. When I go for a walk with a friend, without noticing I hit 10,000steps mark much easier than going solo.
  • Greater challenge: Since I moved to London, I have started walking on hills and heaths, which challenges different muscle groups from my urban walks in Manhattan.  
  • More enjoyable: Many people find they enjoy outdoor workouts more because of fresh air and shifting scenery and are therefore more eager to get their workout in.  With working from home, sometimes you never leave home. I just feel a bit of fresh air is always beneficial. 
  • Vitamin D exposure: The sunshine vitamin (vitamin D) may help boost your immunity.

Cycling, besides walking and running, is one of the most popular outdoor excises at the moment.  Start pedaling and I guarantee you that you will feel better after.

cycling outdoor with madison grey helmet

But, indoor workout is much better than no workout! 

Ideally, some of your workouts can take place outside, so have your shoes ready and waiting. But on wet or rainy days — or if you’re working out at night — you’ll want to assemble a makeshift gym indoors. Before your first workout, get your space ready. When we moved to London, it was pretty dark and cold, plus we were in lockdown so I established a routine using a few of my favorite workout apps below. 

The Class

Taryn Toomey

(photo credit: the class)


I started going to The Class, founded by Taryn Toomey, while I was living in Manhattan. My friend knew Taryn and I joined when it was still a small class in Downtown Manhattan.  Then over 5-8 years, this fitness tribe has taken over the world as an 'it' workout du jour.  There is something about it. 

the class by tt

(photo credit: the class)

I particularly love Natalie as my instructor, who used to teach my Friday classes in Flatiron.  She is so warm and her love to human is infectious.  So although it's a bit sad to see her only on a small screen, I try to join in her class whenever possible.  

Natalie Khun from the Class

(photo credit: lululemon)

The Class is a unique mixture of cardio, yoga, African dance (?), toning, meditation...hard to explain but I feel lighter and kinder after each class.  

Alo Move 

My very thoughtful NYC friend gave me a year subscription as a leaving gift.  Every time I stretch out, I think of her!  Such a great gift for anyone.  

Alo Move Barre

(photo credit: Alo Move)

I love Alo as a lifestyle and their app has 100s of classes including, yoga, Pilates, HIIT, meditation and more.  

My favorite instructors at the moment are;

Alo Move

(photo credit: Alo Move)


Julianne Hough on Fiton

(photo credit: Fiton)

This app has amazing mixture of short classes, including yoga, HIIT, kickboxing, dance, you name it!  All the instructors are friendly and happy, and some of them are proper celebrities...Julianne Hough, Jonathan Van Ness, and now Halle Berry!

I tend to use it when I don't have time but feeling positive and ready for happy short workouts.  

Halle Berry re-spin on Fiton

(photo credit: Fiton)

It also has easy stretches before bedtime, which can be useful after a long day in front of computer. 

 We cannot wait for our lives to go back to 'normal' when we can workout anywhere we want.  But until then, any activity is a good activity! Let's stay active and positive.  Please share your favorite workouts! 

Sawako xxx

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