Sawako kids’ helmets are coming!

Sawako, the designer behind stylish helmets cyclists love to wear, has created a new item that has been missing in the market until now.

Here is the behind scene teaser....


As a mother, product designer, and architect with more than 10 years of experience, inspiration to design the new helmet struck Sawako as she took her 2 daughters to the playground. She noticed that all the kids’ helmets were clunky and ill-fitted. There was an obvious gap in the market and she was determined to fill it!

 Sawako Looking down to kids helmets

After 3 years and countless prototypes, Sawako developed a kids’ helmet that not only looks cool, but also offers a super-lightweight design that’s 50% lighter than the competition.

Because a kids’ helmet should be light enough for a child to wear, safe enough for parents to have peace of mind, and cool enough for both to get along.

Sawako’s mission is to create unique products that combine style and innovation. Now, her new helmet meets the demands of the toughest critics: kids.

Boys playing with kid helmets on

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