Get to Know Our Cutest Helmet Yet

Sawako has good news for moms and dads everywhere. We have just released our newest—and cutest—helmet yet: the Kids' Helmet.

Our new line of helmets boasts 5 unbeatable features. These elements are the result of 3 years of testing and countless prototypes.sawako the founder of sawako helmet with kids range

If you haven’t already read the story behind the inspiration for this new helmet, check out the story here.

So, what features make Sawako’s kids' helmet the perfect choice for the special kids in your life?

Our kids’ helmets are ultra-lightweight, timelessly stylish, reflective, well-ventilated, and adorned with an attention-getting pompom.



light weight helmet

Have you ever considered the impact of the weight of a helmet? This is an especially important factor to have in mind when shopping for a kids’ helmet. Many helmets on the market weigh a ton and fall off of little heads easily.

Sawako’s kids’ helmets are 50% lighter than the competition. This means you can stop worrying about whether or not that helmet will stay fitting right and not flop around once your child gets on his or her bicycle.

With Sawako’s lightweight helmet, your child can truly take flight and learn to love cycling safely.


Equestrian Style  

cute equestrian style kids helmets

Inspired by equestrian riding helmets, Sawako’s new kids' helmet is one of classic beauty and grace. It’s the perfect match for kids and parents alike. Irrefutably cute, not gaudy or clunky like the competition.

With a timeless style that is gender-neutral, you can choose from black, navy, turquoise and pink. You can be sure that boys and girls alike will be proud to don this helmet. 


reflective pattern animated gifWhen cycling with your child, visibility is a great concern for every parent. That’s where Sawako’s new helmet comes in.

When choosing a Sawako helmet, you can choose to add reflective designs. With options between stars and lightning bolts, these reflective helmet patterns will shine—just like your kid!


ventlation diagrams

Sawako designed these helmets with an efficient ventilation system so that your little one can pedal their hearts out and still be cool. The ventilation system allows air to flow so that the faster they pedal, the more air crosses through the helmet. This is perfect for kids in the summer, especially.  

PompomsPompom choices

Pompoms are a staple of showmanship and status across the world. From soldiers to sailors to cheerleaders, you can find pompoms on top of many prestigious hats cross-culturally. That’s why Sawako’s kids’ helmets look so attention-grabbing!  Pompoms simply cannot be ignored.

Plus, Sawako’s pompoms are interchangeable, so you can get creative. A cool idea for moms and dads: host an arts and crafts party to make custom pompoms with your kids. 

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