Skateboarding lessons in Selfridges, London

One of my clever mum friends told me about this cool venue for skateboarding in the middle of London.  It is called THE BOWL and is on the 1st floor of Selfridges, one of the most popular department stores.  

The bowl at Selfridges skateboarding venue  

Selfridges is located on Oxford Street, the busiest shopping street in London.  It has been an iconic store since Harry Gordon Selfridge opened it back in 1908.  It has a historical stone exterior but inside is pretty hip and modern, compared to other high end department stores such as Harrods.  

Selfridges Building on Oxford Street London


The bowl is not an exception.  This section of the store focuses on street fashion and skateboarding is THE sports for that look.  I think it's a smart way to wow visitors and sell that lifestyle. 

The Bowl at Selfridges

Some advanced skaters show off some incredible skill like this during free style hours.  They look so relaxed and casual in their oversized trousers and buggy t-shirt.  But as my daughter is still young and learning, she of course needs to wear protective gear (knee pads, elbow pads, wrist pads and a helmet!). 

 A girl wearing Protective Gear

My younger daughter is a keen gymnast and pretty nimble, so when she saw her friend taking a lesson here, she was in the game. They love hanging out together, and this little muse loves wearing a Sawako Kids all the time including while she eats lunch.  


The teachers are all cool skateboarders who also work as fashion assistants on the floor.  They are chilled and sweet, perfect ambassadors for the look.  They also (unlike any USA instructors) refuse any tips, how delightful! 

My kid and her friend both own Sawako Kids helmets with reflective lightning bolt patterns and they look great in the space.  These cool helmets can definitely work with street fashion. 

A girl skateboarding at Selfridges London

When you visit Selfridges, don't forget to check out the tech area on the basement level where you'll find Sawako grownup helmets alongside cool electric bikes and scooters.  

Sawako Black Crocodile helmet at Selfridges Sawako helmets are Selfridges


The food court there is brilliant, our current obsession is a dumpling place called Din Tai Fung.  Their pork soup dumplings are so yummy, these little skateboarders will easily finish 30 between them!!! 

 Yummy Chinese pork dumplings

 I hope this post inspires you to get out more in London town. These young skaters are giving thumbs up to Sawako kids helmets.  How about your young athletes? 





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