Our Favourite Kids' Gift Ideas 2022

For a Great Builder: Magna tile

With magical magnetic edges, you can create incredible variations of 3 dimensional structures with this creative toy.  I bought them for my 4 year old daughter, and we started off with simple pyramid shapes or cubes, and every year, we ended up adding pieces and we are now making castles!

When structures fall, it makes exciting (slightly noisy) sound, which is thrilling for young engineers. I am sure you will giggle a lot with them.  There are so many variations and collections these days, but I would definitely start with a basic set to stretch kids imaginations. 

Magna tiles

For a Book Lover: Personalized books

If your child prefers to get lost in the world of books, this personalized books will bring him/her into the dreamy world deeper.  The cute graphics of these adventures books would engage anyone but if the main character looks like you and has your name, it is even better.  

It reminds me of making me-mojis on my phone.  It is a fun process to create a character that looks like your loved ones, and surprise her/him with a special gift.

personalised book

For a Pretend Play Star: American girl dolls

We used to live in New York and American Girl was such an iconic gifts for holiday seasons.  These dolls are pretty pricey but made well and the company does well staying relevant adding new collections to reflect what's happening in the society. 

Now we live in London, we don’t see them as often. However, my younger daughter aged10 found a set in our storage a few days ago and started building a school, trying to make its lighting work, and braiding the doll’s hair.  This showed me the robustness of this series and children can enjoy them from different angles at each stage.  They also have a lot of books including the books about puberty called The care and keeping of you, which was a great introduction for my girls. 

American girl dolls

For a Craft Genius: Christmas Origami kit

I had to include my cultural heritage in this list.  We enjoyed origami during Halloween time making pumpkin shapes or witch hats.  It can be daunting to start origami without theme, so this holiday could be a good excuse to start. 

Origami is known to help hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and concentration.  Basically, one of the best brain exercises around.  I must admit that my girls don’t love it, but if they are making recognizable shapes like Christmas trees or Santa Clause, it’s much more fun for them.

 Festive Origami set gift idea

For an Outdoor Adventurer: Micro scooter

Holiday gifts should not bind our energetic kids indoor! One of the fun ways to get them out during holiday season is this kick scooter.  Micro was originally founded by 2 mums in London.  It is so inspiring that now their scooters are sold worldwide!

Micro scooter

You can see some of the kids are enjoying these scooters in our kids helmets video. They can go pretty fast!  Make sure to wear good protection gear such as Sawako Kids helmets.  We are promoting the kid’s collection during this holiday season.  Use SAWAKOKIDS at checkout and save 30%.

Happy Holiday! 

Sawako xxx



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