Aren't you all excited about the fact that winter is right at our doorstep? It's so close and we need to get ready for it. One thing everyone loves about it is the weather phenomenon that happens only in winter. Yes, I am talking about snow.

And there is another phenomenon that happens in winter and it's every active person's dream come true. Yes, I am talking about skiing. But since we are active and stylish we need something to help us check both of those things off the list. Lucky for you there is a great solution. We all know the standard wear for skiing but we also want to stand out from the rest and lucky for you I have found the perfect way. There is something about the standard black and white ski combo that everyone is choosing it year after year. It looks classy and stylish and at the same time cozy and comfy.

While we all want to look as stylish as we can, we mustn't overlook the fact that we have to be well protected. Here I have made a stylish combination for everyone that likes to keep both of those factors while having fun and getting the much needed vacation. 

snow fashion ideas, black and white, with Sawako madison ski helmet

There are a lot of choices to choose from so I will try to make things easier for you. You can choose a great winter jacket that fits your body and compliments it. The black and white are great colours that work on any complexion. Then, you can focus on the pants. The right fit is always important. The comfort factor is also very important. And while you can check all of that, you can think about the colour. It's true that almost every other colour works with white but there isn't the slightest doubt about which one works the best.

The black is an all time classic and choosing a black pair of ski pants with your white winter jacket is a winner combo. Opt for the slim fit that works on every body type. And after we've covered the big parts we can focus on the accessories that tie the whole ensemble together. We can start with the boots that have to be extremely comfy and warm.

Lucky for us this season the fur is really in trend so we can choose a lot of styles that will keep our toes happy. Then there are the sunglasses that protect your eyes, which is extremely important in winter as it is in the summer time. The gloves are also part of the package. Choosing a black leather gloves is always a full proof way of remaining warm and safe. And at the end there is nothing as important as the helmet. It can make or break the entire outfit. The Sawako Madison helmet is a perfect choice for this arrangement and the design will only work in your benefit. So you will remain safe and cozy and at the same time have everyone looking your way.


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