As the lovely autumn weather has slowly and yet effectively caught up with us we have found ourselves in the need of some fashionable pieces and accessories to keep up with our stylish lifestyle. Personally I love the cold weather which usually means that I get to wear a lot more and express myself more creatively. One other thing I love about the colder weather is that you can still stay active thorough the season. There are a lot of options that, thanks to creative designers are becoming immensely stylish. I am sure a lot of active people are bored with the regular sportswear that is always the same and we all want to look unique and find a product that is not only useful but also fashionable. So let me show you an extremely cool ensemble for all of you daredevils out there.

Autumn fashion styling with Sawako brown ran helmet

As every cyclist knows it can be tricky to pull off a great look in the autumn. Here is one that will be easy, cozy and stylish for the colder days. The everyone's favourite piece for the autumn is a great sweater. There are a lot of fits, knits and colours. One of the best colours that will go great with everything is an earth toned colour. And the other item of clothing that always goes great with a nice sweater is the light washed mom jeans. The fit is becoming ever so popular again and it offers a lot of protection. The other classic that is an inevitable statement piece for autumn is the black leather jacket. James Dean has made it a trendy item and now it has become a star all by itself. So now that we have covered all of the big pieces let's focus on the items that will steal the show. A great combat boot is a great style for biking. It's fashionable as it is comfortable. You can get anywhere and still remain chic and fabulous.

ran brown female biking helmet with red top with black croc bag

And there is another item that is a must for biking. The helmet. Even though the market is flooded with bike helmets it's still hard to find one that will look great with your fashionable closet. But lucky for you I have found a piece that will become a favourite for all of your bike rides. The Sawako Ran model is a classic and yet ever so stylish bike helmet. With the brown colour that works on every ensemble and the embroidered details that amplify the chic you will really fall in love with it. So do yourselves a favour and get a helmet that will make you enjoy your bike rides even more.           



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