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Top 5 European Ski Resorts

Posted by Alison Wright on

Europe is home to stunning legendary ski resorts unlike any other. The gorgeous mountains donning European landscapes are absolutely picturesque (no Photoshop needed) and there are truly no words to describe the spectacular resorts surrounding these beautiful mountains. 

attractive European ski resort


So what are our top 5 European ski resorts that you simply must see whether you live in Europe or find your way here as a tourist?


Zermatt, Switzerland

 Switzerland alps train photo

You cannot speak about ski resorts in Europe without mentioning the sweeping Switzerland mountains. Zermatt is often at the top of the list for those wishing to experience Switzerland ski resorts simply because it boasts the greatest vertical drop and altitudes as high as 3,900 meters. This place is so gorgeous and adventurous that even celebrities flock to Zermatt resorts, so you’ll fit right in with our custom ski helmets and fashionable gear.

Zermatt night scene


Chamonix, France


Speaking of our beautiful custom ski gear, where better to ski in style than France? Chamonix, France is incredibly scenic, tucked away on the snow-dressed Mont Blanc (Europe’s tallest peak at an incredible 4,807 meters). Chamonix has also gained recognition as the site of the first Winter Olympics and has a sweet Alpine village at the base that makes it truly unforgettable. For those who are less experienced, there are additional slopes for all levels.


Zugspitze, Germany

Zugspitze Germany ski slopes 

These sweeping mountains blend right in with the fluffy white clouds above them. Amazingly serene and classic, Zugspitze is Germany’s highest mountain and a 360-degree incredible panorama that’s 250 kilometers wide (including peaks from four different countries) can be viewed from its summit. You can also ski the glacier which is so high that it goes above the clouds in some cases. Zugspitze has trails for all levels, but is also home to one of the most extreme challenges—the infamous Kandahar Downhill—for those thrill seekers out there.

great german train system even on ski slopes

It comes with German train system, which is more reliable than many other countries! 


Valtournenche, Italy

 Valtournenche Italy best ski resort in europe

How can we not mention Italy? Italy is often overlooked when tourists consider European ski resorts, but it shouldn’t be. It may not have the glamorous village of Zermatt, but it’s less expensive and more low key, providing a quiet opportunity to walk right from your hotel to a ski lift and … you can ski your way into the town of Zermatt to experience the best of both worlds. Beautiful, quiet, and less expensive, this is a great choice for many tourists.


Innsbruck, Austria

beautiful backdrop of ski resort Innsbruck Austria

Innsbruck is surrounded by six different ski areas with plenty of public transportation to connect all of them to Innsbruck. A great central area, a single ski pass provides access to over 300 kilometres of trails within nine different areas. There are plenty of areas for beginners and steep trails for those seeking a more challenging experience.

 ski helmets the best ski helmets for ladies

And these are only 5 of our favourite European ski resorts. There are so many more to explore. So grab your custom ski helmet, gear up, and create some memories that will last an entire lifetime. All of these European ski resorts mentioned are bound to provide a memory like no other and you will want to come back as soon as possible!


P.S.-If you are interested in venturing into USA for skiing, read on this article about Park City, Utah.  







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