USA ski resort spotlight: Park City, Utah


We know we have so many amazing ski resorts in Europe.  But give US a chance! Our US store has written up about Park City, Utah recently and we thought you may enjoy discovering what's out there.  

There are so many picturesque ski resorts in America that it’s impossible to pick an absolute favourite, but one of our top ski resorts for experiencing a beautiful, secluded atmosphere is nestled in Park City, Utah. And we’re not the only ones who think so. Park City welcomes close to a million visitors a year to its warm and welcoming 19th-century mining town.

US spotlight park city, Utah, USA

Not only is it a gorgeous ski resort for snowboarding, skiing, and all around snow-covered fun, but it’s also close to the Sundance Film Festival and plenty of swoon-worthy resorts.

US ski resort spotlight sundance film festival park city

For those seeking to ski in style with our fashionable line of helmets, you’re going to love setting down those stylish helmets to experience a night on the town. There are so many gorgeous restaurants with delicious menus brimming with seasonal vegetables and sweet desserts that you’ll have a difficult time selecting just one each night. 

Park City was once an old west mining town that now holds plenty of charm with its well-preserved buildings adjacent to the rising technology of the new millennium. There’s really no place like it. This beautiful ski resort happens to feel quaint and charming, but it also happens to be the largest ski resort in the country (boasting 7,300 acres of land) and has plenty of activities for every type of person imaginable.


For the adventure seekers out there, Canyons Village is sure to thrill with its 2,111 foot zip line. For those who want something more low key, Canyons Golf Course is nearby and one of the most scenic gold experiences you’ll ever have. See ... a little something for everyone is tucked away in this hidden snow-capped gem of the world.


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If you’re traveling with family or children, Park City has plenty of family-fun for those who want to keep the kids entertained. In Park City Base there are a plethora of choices for children, including unlimited rides on the Alpine Coaster with a summer Alpine Pass. There’s also Little Miners Park which has rides even for toddlers and, of course, there are tons of burger and ice cream places to choose from.

US ski resort spotlight skiers family

For those fashionistas out there who are equipped with our stylish ski helmets, we know you’ll love Park City. This is a stunning ski resort that will relax and refresh you while also enlivening you with the glitzy electricity of the quaint warmth of this hidden town. Definitely a must for any ski and snowboarding lovers 2018 traveling checklists. You won’t want to miss this place. But don’t take our word for it ... check our Park City for yourself! 

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