Meet Mocrazy sisters

We are excited to introduce our new ambassadors Jamie & Jeanee Crane-Mauzy. ( These gorgeous two sisters are serious skiers.  Having learnt about their story and strength and love, we have a total girl crash on them. 

Jamie got in touch with us because she was a participant at High Fives (non-profit) and is now featured in their new movie, Helmets are Cool.  Jamie also strongly promotes helmet awareness for all sports and greatly believe in the opportunity to have female oriented fashionable products that also function as life-saving products.


Jamie and Jeanee Crane-Mauzy sisters

Let’s start with Jamie who is rocking our Madison ski helmet here.

jamie with madison ski helmet

<Jamie with Sawako Madison ski helmet>  

This adventurous lady holds some impressive titles, such as being the first girl to double flip in any slopestyle competition when she landed her double backflip at the 2013 X-Games

Jamie Crane-Mauzy pro skier slipping in the air

In April 2015, Jamie crashed and went into a coma. (Check out their website for the full story.  You will be moved.)  Having miraculously recovered from this serious brain injury, she is now an advocate for promoting products for women related to action sports that are designed to stay safe, active & stylish.


We were so touched to discover her positive energy after such a traumatic experience that we decided to work with her in order to promote the #helmetsarecool movement.  Jamie is looking fabulous with Sawako ski helmets as you may have seen in our instagram page

Jamie instagram wearing Sawako helmet

<Jamie with Sawako floral ski helmet>  

She is busy juggling her life as a skier, college student, radio presenter, entrepreneur, and lovely friend and beyond. Hopefully we will update more news from the MoCrazy sisters soon. #watchthespace.

(photo credit: Jamie Crane-Mauzy)







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