Retailer spotlight: Pedal Chic, USA

The network of our wonderful retailers is spreading Sawako helmets globally.  This season we are excited to have a number of new stores joining us in USA. Read on to find out what's happening across the pond!

Celebrating the re-opening of their store last week, we want to introduce you to Pedal Chic, in Greenville, South Carolina. 

Pedal Chic opening announcement with Sawako sparkle bike helmet


This woman-owned female-focused retailer is a great example of what it looks like to transform a good idea into a firm reality. It’s easy to have so many business ideas and it takes courage to make a real first step forward. 

Over 8 years ago the founder, Robin, came up with the idea of a female-focused bike shop. And she made it happen. Robin has an infectious passion for cycling and for business. Combining the two was only natural.


Sawako stylish Leopard helmet at Pedal Chic SC

Their new store looks so airy and beautiful. Absolutely stunning and inspiring and their helmets are looking very happy in the space. They appreciate and greatly respect local businesses and entrepreneurship.

Navy glitter and Leopard bike helmets at Pedal Chic  

Her store is known for friendly customer service and their depth of knowledge when it comes to cycling. At Pedal Chic paying attention to the smallest details is not only something they do, but something they find absolutely essential.

Pedal chic has a lot of apparel as well as helmetsYou can come in for a visit to meet the friendly faces and try out their bikes. They are a welcoming crew with a great selection of apparels as well. They also host a lot of events and fun rides. Why not join in on the excitement this season?

Pedal Chic
250 RiverPlace, Suite B, Greenville, SC 29601
(864) 242-2442

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