Walk on the wild side in leopard print

Whether you're going for a bold head-to-toe look, or a subtle accessorising splash, you can't go wrong with leopard print. The fierce pattern adds plenty of personality to every look, and we have a couple of leopard print items in our shop that will get you noticed when you're cycling. 
Leopard helmet
 They say that leopard print is always in fashion and our leopard bicycle helmet is proof of that as it's always selling out. It's very popular with women who are prominent in the bicycle industry, as well as fashion-savvy cyclists, and turns wearing a helmet into making a big sartorial statement. Pick one up from our shop before it's too late.
Beautiful leopard bell
When you're cycling, it's important to be heard as well as seen and our new leopard bell does the job with an added dash of style. It's a neat little thing, measuring 5.5cm in diameter, but has a loud enough roar (by which we mean 'ding') to make sure that you're heard coming on the busiest street. And if you don't want it for yourself, it makes a unique Christmas present for your favourite cyclist! 
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